TechCorr in-service tank inspection

Inspect Inaccessible Equipment Without Insulation or Rope Access

Commercial application of unmanned aerial systems (drones) is regulated through the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 107. TechCorr is an approved and licensed supplier of remote visual inspection technology utilizing unmanned aerial systems, otherwise called drone.

Using our American Petroleum Institute Certified 510, 570, 653 inspectors with our federally licensed drone pilots, TechCorr performs visual inspection of difficult to access vessels, towers, overhead piping, above ground storage tanks, sphere tanks, flare stacks and similar equipment, without the need for costly scaffolding or rope access. Additionally, TechCorr provides internal confined space entry drones to visually inspect equipment prior to entry of personnel.

Applications Include:

  • Oil-Gas Facilities
  • Refineries and Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceutical Plant Applications
  • Elevator Shaft Visual Inspection
  • Drilling Rig Structural Inspection
  • Water Pipeline Visual Inspections
  • Infrastructure, Bridges and Overpasses
  • High Rise Towers & Communication Towers
  • Disaster Assessment & Emergency Response

Additional Capabilities Include:

  • Light Detection & Ranging (LIDAR)
  • 3D Mapping Leak Detection for Fugitive Emissions (LDAR)
  • Thermography for Moisture Intrusion
  • Ultra-High Resolution Laser Scanning