TechCorr Pipeline Composite Repair Clock Spring

Clock Spring® composite repair sleeve applied to a pipeline segment

A Solution for Damaged Pipelines

TechCorr offers not only world-class pipeline inspection services, but also pipeline repair solutions when defects are found. Using coposite repair technology, TechCorr is able to fix various pipeline defects permenantly.

TechCorr’s utilizes:

  • Clock Spring® composite repair technology
  • Aquawrap™ composite repair technology.
TechCorr Pipeline Composite Repair Aquawrap

Aquawrap™ composite repair system applied to a pipeline segment

No Downtime Installation

A major advantage to using composite repair technology is that no cutting or welding is required during installation so the repair can be applied to in-service pipelines. This means:

  • environmental risks are lowered
  • safety risks for workers are lowered.

Beyond a decrease in safety and environmental risks, in-service installation results in cost savings because there is no downtime for production.

Broad Industry Applications

Composite repair can be used for a wide variety of industry pipelines, including:

  • transmission lines
  • offshore lines
  • tank farm and terminal lines
  • flare lines
  • water lines
  • petrochemical lines
  • hydrocarbon lines.

Part of a Larger Pipeline Program

TechCorr offers a comprehensive suite of pipeline services, including:

  • direct assessment packages for baseline and reassessment surveys
  • cathodic protection and corrosion surveys.

Our pipeline integrity team is outfitted to be mobile and can be deployed across the United States.

In addition, TechCorr is equiped to perform a wide range of traditional and advanced non-destructive testing techniques that allow us to be a one-stop-shop for many pipeline insepction and repair needs.