TechCorr Non-Destructive Testing Infrared Imaging

IR image of an electrical cabinet—The over heating connector indicates that this component is at risk of failure.

Expert Thermal Diagnostics

TechCorr’s infrared (IR) inspections provide thermal images of equipment to assist in screening for problems in:

  • electrical equipment
  • mechanical equipment
  • process equipment
  • rotating equipment
  • structural systems.

Video and Still Photography

TechCorr’s certified infrared technicians perform infrared inspection using high-resolution infrared imaging devices with video and still photography capabilities.

Components can be monitored in real-time, meaning thermal changes can be identified simultaneously as changes occur in:

  • process
  • pressure
  • load
  • temperature.
TechCorr Non-Destructive Testing Infrared Imaging

IR image of a hot spot on a furnace exterior bulkhead—The area was monitored for three weeks while plant planners and engineers planned an outage to make repairs.

Broad Applications

Infrared inspections are non-evasive and can be used in a variety of situations, including to pinpoint:

  • hot spots in electrical systems
  • overheating in mechanical equipment
  • leaks or blockages in pipes, vessels, and tanks
  • damaged insulation on structural envelopes
  • material level in storage tanks
  • moisture intrusion on roofs.

Safe and Efficient

Advantages to in-service tank inspection include:

  • no tank downtime
  • no pre-inspection cleaning
  • no product downgrade due to material transfer
  • no safety risk to human inspectors entering the tank
  • no environmental risk from emptying tanks.
TechCorr Non-Destructive Testing Infrared Imaging

IR image of a blocked cooling line—This image allowed technicians to disassemble and clean only the area that needed attention.