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Alternating current field measurement (ACFM) is an electromagnetic technique that identifies and sizes surface breaking cracks in welds and metallic components without the need to make contact with the material’s surface.

Infrared inspections (IR) provide thermal images of equipment using high-resolution imaging devices with video and still photography capabilities.

With infrared imaging, components can be monitored in real-time, meaning thermal changes can be identified simultaneously as changes occur in:

  • process
  • pressure
  • load
  • temperature.

Positive material identification (PMI) provides alloy chemistry and grade ID information in seconds using a hand-held scanner.

PMI is also commonly used to ensure:

  • the composition of the parent material is correct
  • the correct filler material was used during equipment repair.

Pulsed eddy current (PEC) technology uses electromagnetic induction to inspect corrosion of ferromagnetic material without the need to make contact with the material’s surface.

TechCorr provides both film-based and digital radiographic services for field inspections and shop fabrication inspections.

Radiography can:

  • inspect material of varying density and composition
  • inspect assembled and in-service components
  • be performed with minimum surface preparation
  • detect both surface and subsurface defects
  • deliver a permanent record of the inspection.

Shear wave testing, also known as angle beam inspection, is an ultrasonic testing technique used primarily for weld inspections.

Awkward weld geometry and the presence of a weld crown or bead typically require shear wave testing, which entails placing a probe to the side of a weld and generating beams at an angle toward the weld.

Short range wave ultrasonic testing (SRUT) is designed to produce accurate wall thickness measurements of difficult-to-access locations of tanks, vessels, and piping, such as:

  • areas underneath supports, clamps, and composite repairs
  • the annular plate of above ground storage tanks.

TechCorr offers a comprehensive selection of remote video inspection equipment, including:

  • borescopes
  • fiberscopes
  • video crawlers.