TechCorr in-service tank inspection

Performing phased array ultrasonic testing on raised face flanges at a refinery’s alkylation unit

Full Views from One Point

Phased array ultrasonic testing produces real-time sectorial scans (S-Scans) that provide a full volumetric examination from a single inspection point.

Phased array equipment can detect defects regardless of their orientation to the transducer. Specialized software optimizes signal-to-noise ratio to ensure accurate data.

Phased array ultrasonic testing can be used for:

  • inspection of welds
  • thickness measurements
  • corrosion inspection
  • crack detection.

Safer Than Radiography

Phased array ultrasonic testing can provide information that is comparable to or even more accurate than radiographic inspections. And since phased array is an ultrasonic technique, it does not present any of the safety hazards inherent with radiography and its use of radioactive isotopes.

Cheaper than Radiography

Phased array testing saves you the time and expense of the operational shutdowns often required by radiographic inspections.

In addition, with phased array there is:

  • no radiation license required
  • no need to move or handle isotopes
  • no need to move components to distant locations to perform inspections
  • no waiting for film processing
  • no need to store bulky radiographic images.

Highly Trained Technicians

Phased array ultrasonic testing offers the benefits of safer, more accurate testing at lower overall costs. But it requires specially trained technicians to perform the technique correctly and experienced analysts to interpret the results.

TechCorr’s teams of technicians, inspectors and analysts have the training and experience to perform phased array testing efficiently and report the findings accurately.