TechCorr Pipeline Integrity

The Corrosion Experts

TechCorr’s pipeline integrity team provides:

  • direct assessment packages for baseline and reassessment surveys
  • cathodic protection and corrosion surveys for annual surveys, structure identification, CIS (close interval surveys), and rectifier and bond troubleshooting.

Our direct assessment field services including:

  • SCCDA (stress corrosion cracking direct assessment)
  • ECDA (external corrosion direct assessment)
  • ICDA (internal corrosion direct assessment).

All assessments consist of:

  • an engineering pre-assessment
  • indirect inspection testing
  • direct examination
  • an engineering post-assessment report.

Indirect inspection Testing

Our indirect inspection methods vary by assessment.

For SCCDA we perform:

  • soils modeling surveys
  • soil resistivity surveys.

For ECDA we perform:

  • CIS (closed internal surveys)
  • DCVG (direct current voltage gradient surveys)
  • depth of cover surveys
  • pipeline current mapping
  • soils resistivity surveys
  • casing assessments with long range guided wave testing
  • vault assessments with short range guided wave testing.

For ICDA we perform:

  • sub-centimeter GPS
  • depth of cover surveys
  • elevation surveys.

Direct Examination

Our direct examination surveys include:

  • soils testing
  • MIC testing (microbiologically influenced corrosion testing)
  • pH testing
  • coating evaluation
  • corrosion measurements
  • ultrasonic flaw detection and defect measurements
  • magnetic particle testing
  • remediation inspection
  • automated ultrasonic corrosion scanning and mapping
  • phased array defect and linear indication assessments.

Post-Assessment Report

When our assessment is complete we provide a thorough and easy-to-understand report with complete survey details and results. Additionally, our software will integrate with any GIS system and we provide you with all the raw field data.

Nationwide service area

TechCorr’s pipeline integrity team is outfitted to be mobile and can be deployed across the United States.