TechCorr Non-Destructive Testing Short Range Wave Ultrasonic Testing

SRUT can be used to test the annular plates of above ground storage tanks while the tank remains in-service.

A Powerful Screening Tool

TechCorr’s Short Range Wave Ultrasonic Testing (SRUT) is specifically designed to screen difficult-to-access locations of tanks, vessels, and piping, such as:

  • areas underneath supports, clamps, and composite repairs
  • the annular plate of above ground storage tanks.

Our testing equipment produces a high-resolution, real time color image of internal/external corrosion up to four feet from transducer.

Fast and Reliable

SRUT is reliable and repeatable. Using portable, lightweight equipment, our technicians can set up quickly and easily to:

  • test equipment made of alloys, composites, and other exotic materials
  • inspect both thin and thick materials
  • provide incremented scans for flaw location
  • stitch together multiple scans to show large areas
  • map corrosion for future monitoring or repair.

More Accurate than LGUT

While long range guided wave systems can provide wall thickness reading over great lengths of materials, SRUT allows for much higher sensitivity and resolution.

Defects can be detected with a dimensional accuracy within 0.040” for both length and width. Depth sizing is extremely limited.

A Complementary Technique

SRUT has some limitations and is intended for use in conjunction with other testing methods. Restrictions include:

  • The top or bottom side differentiation must have 2” space for probe placement.
  • Pipe surfaces must be clean base metal and be as smooth as possible so that ultrasonic waves are not diffracted.
  • Distinguishing between external or internal corrosion is not possible as it is with long range guided wave testing.
  • Typically depth sizing is not possible, though limited depth sizing can be done with a location-specific calibration standard.