TechCorr Eddy Current Testing

Comprehensive Testing Services

TechCorr offers four inspection methods for heat exchanger tubing systems:

Choosing the appropriate inspection method for your equipment depends on your tube material and specific inspection needs. All our crews are trained to use all techniques so they can perform complementary inspections, providing the most comprehensive service possible.

The Best Crews in the Business

The TechCorr difference is our highly trained crews. They work efficiently and report quickly.

They are unique in the industry in that they consist of:

  • a two-person team to perform the inspection
  • an additional technician to analyze results on-site.

The result is we can typically provide:

  • an initial report on the day of inspection
  • a final report that is delivered in days, not weeks.

Thorough Reports, Fully Explained

Reports are only useful when the customer understands them fully.

TechCorr ensures our customers understand our reports by:

  • explaining initial reports on the day of inspection
  • providing a timeline for final report delivery
  • conducting an exit interview to answer all questions.

TechCorr’s goal is to provide excellent service and exceed the industry standard.

Quick Guide

ECT - Eddy Current Testing
used with non-ferromagnetic metal, such as copper, brass, and copper-nickel alloys

RFT - Remote Field Testing
used with ferromagnetic metal, such as carbon steel, prime surface, or low fin tubing

NFT - Near Field Testing (Fin Fan Testing)
used with carbon steel fin fan tubes

IRIS - Internal Rotary Inspection System
used with all materials for high-accuracy wall thickness readings