TechCorr Non-destructive-testing video crawlers and borescopes

Horizontal boiler tube with a weld showing surface wear and metal loss from years of maintenance pigging

A Variety of Video Inspection Tools

TechCorr offers a comprehensive selection of remote video inspection equipment, including:

  • borescopes
  • fiberscopes
  • robotic crawlers.

Broad Applications

TechCorr’s video inspection tools are ideal for a broad set of applications, including:

  • examining the material condition inside pipes, tubes, vessels, and tanks
  • assessing insulation integrity
  • evaluating equipment reliability
  • inspecting internal piping components, such as floats, baffles, valves, and internal coatings
  • confirming the results of other non-destructive testing methods
  • verifying drawings and schematics.
TechCorr Non-destructive-testing video crawlers and borescopes

8” produced water line with internal defects on the cement lined coating

Highly Trained Personnel

TechCorr’s video inspection technicians are highly trained and have years of experience.

We come equipped not only with video inspection know-how, but with a comprehensive skill-set of conventional and advanced non-destructive testing techniques.